Cross Pattaya Oceanphere

Банг Сарай


️Cross Pattaya Oceanphere ⛱️

Luxurious pool villa accommodation near Bang Saray beach with an investment program for long-term passive income from the management of the X2 hotel chain.
- Guaranteed Buyback in the 5th year, 100 percent
- Pool Villa 1 Bedroom

*Price starts at 13.19 million baht*

Investment program
❇️Guaranteed return of 6% per year for 3 years.
❇️ From the 4th year, share 60% of profits to the room owner for 25 years.

Benefits for homeowners
❇️ Owner stays free!! 14 days per year at X2 Pattaya Oceanphere Hotel.
❇️ Get special discounts at restaurants and bars in the X2 Pattaya Oceanphere project.



1. Retrun 6% (from booking+Contract amount) before transfer ownership until December 2023

2.First 3 year Guarantee 6% per year after transfer Ownership

3.Year 4-25 sharing the net profit after deduct expenses in the proportion of 60:40

4. Free expenses on transfer ownership date…
- Free 2% transfer fee
- Free common fee for 3 years
- Free sinking fund
- Free water meter & operation fee
- Free electricity meter & operation fee
- Free stamp duty (Transfer ownership)
- Free miscellaneous expenses (Free for registration , power of autorney , etc.)

5. Buy Back 100% After transfer ownership 5 years by notice year 4th (Buyer have to pay Transfer fee 2% (Share 50/50) Tax , Other Expenses on transfer date)

**Price may change without prior notice**

Please contact us for more details!

Project Details

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